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Problem with macromedia.exe?

Title – macromedia.exe

Description – if your system has a process with the title macromedia.exe running then it is typically a sign that it has become infected with the Aozo worm. This worm is spread via the popular KaZaa file sharing network and through poor security settings. macromedia.exe is just one possible name for an infected file that is usually found within the KaZaa shared media folder. There are many different file names that may be used and if there are files within this area of the KaZaa folders that you do not recognize then you should scan your system for infection.

While it is not particularly sinister in its payload the Aozo worm will almost certainly cause a drain on system resources and once infected you may be inadvertently spreading the virus to other KaZaa users. The instant removal is advised because it can be used to exploit further security weaknesses on your system.

Associated Errors – A slow running PC is generally caused by the existence of a large number of files or folders. Because the Aozo worm attempts to copy itself onto your computer with a large number of different file names this is the most likely symptom. Another obvious symptom is the existence of files that you do not recognize within the shared folder of your KaZaa application.

Recommended Solution – Aozo can be easily removed using antivirus applications and other computer security suites. Ensure that your virus or signature database is up to date and then scan your computer to find any infected files. Once located clean or remove these files completely. Ensure that your system security settings are updated once your system has been properly cleansed. This prevents future infection.

We recommend the free Xoftspyse scanner here to check if your infected and to completely remove the threat.

We also highly recommend scanning your PC for errors with RegCure. Its free to download and cleans-up all associated errors with just 1-Click!

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